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Southern Miss

The Southern Miss football team unveiled new uniforms from Adidas. Have a look.

The Southern Miss athletic department’s new apparel deal with Adidas began on July 1 and Golden Eagle fans finally got a glimpse of the new football uniforms on Thursday in Hattiesburg.

Season ticket holders and Eagle Club members were invited to a uniform unveiling party Thursday night on the school’s campus.

USM players showed off three different jerseys Thursday, but only the gold one will be worn in games. The black and white jerseys put on display Thursday night are for practice only.

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The black and white game jerseys are being shipped and they will have a similar format to the gold version.

The black pants this season will feature a single gold stripe. Both the white and gold pants will have a black stripe.

There won’t be much change in the helmet this year with the Southern Miss and Eagle logos both in use.

At first glance, the new uniforms appear to have a more clean, simple look compared to those from Russell Athletic.

USM’s eight-year deal with Adidas will last through the 2024-25 season. Adidas will provide headware, apparel, footwear and accessories.

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The product allotment from Adidas will bring north of $4 million for USM. The contract also provides a six-figure allotment to be used for marketing tools.

USM’s previous five-year deal with Russell Athletic brought the athletic department $2.75 million.

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